Moving Academy for Performing Arts

The Moving Academy for Performing Arts is founded in 1993 by Ide van Heiningen. MAPA has built a lot of experience in collaborating, while working over 20 years as a mobile academy in Eastern and Central European countries: in Croatia, Romenia, Slowakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Ukraine, Serbia & Montenegro and Macedonia.

MAPA sees it as its task to guide and coach the artistic and entrepreneurial development of young professionals in the elds of performing arts. The concept of mobility, small scale theater, sharing working mentality is essential. It allows to follow the idea of using any empty space and transform it.

MAPA is a training and creation facility for professionals in the field of performing arts and more and more specializing in contemporary music and movement theatre. Since Virág Dezsö followed in the function of Artistic Leader (2012), MAPA artistically and strategic-wise follows her vision and experience in creating a new training for music theatre makers and practitioners, which starts from the musicality of the body and its relation to space. In it she bridges MAPA’s artistic entrepreneurial Curriculum with the spectacular physical acting instruments that enables musicians and performer of all kinds to cooperate and to produce on a spontaneous physical and economic way.

The new MAPA studio contains ideal dimensions and unique analogue technical facilities – such as light and slide projection – to process its vision towards new makers small-scale theatre. Guiding and coaching based on the physical apporach is key to the artistic and entrepreneurial development of young professionals in the fields of performing arts.

Read more: MAPA – Moving Academy for Performing Arts (pdf)