For everyone 4+ years

About the certainty of holding on to something and the adventure of letting go.
Do you know that feeling? When you can’t find something and don’t know where you put it? Or have you ever had that feeling that you’ve lost something, but you don’t know what? That it seemed like you had something in your grasp, that you could hold on to it, but it still slipped through your fingers?

GOT IT is unique and spectacular movement theatre without words for everyone from 4 to 104 years of age. Two acrobats from circus-theatre company WIRWAR Producties and two musicians from music-theatre collective Frisse Oren have joined together to bring you this acrobatic music production. A show about the certainty of holding on to something and the adventure of letting go.

Got It’s makers
Direction: Laura van Hal and Anneke Wensink
Music: Arthur Wagenaar
Coaching: MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Haarlem)
Stage design: Jolanda Lanslots
Production: Nikki Kracht
PR/Marketing: Nikla Katsburg (Frisse Oren) in collaboration with WIRWAR Producties

Marieke Franssen: flutes
Joost van Genugten: tuba
Sanne Hamstra: hand to hand acrobatics
Ivar van Woenzel: dance acrobatics

Practical information for theatres/schools
Period of performance : February to May 2024 (theatre), bookings Theaterbureau Slot (
Duration: 55 minutes
Production members: 4 performers
Performance locations: theatres
Performance area: 8×8 metres, 5.5 metres free height above the entire performance area for the acrobatics
Get-in and warm-up: 5 hours
Get-out: 1,5 hours
Pause between two performances: 90 minutes
Suitable as school production for: 4 to 12 year-olds
Maximum audience per performance: 200 – 250
Maximum audience per school performance: 200
Maximum number of performances per day (at one location): 2

Practical information for festivals
Period of performance: May to October 2024, bookings via
Duration: 30 minutes
For the other specifications see the practical information above.
Extra for theatres and festivals: a music-acrobatics workshop can be booked for a supplement for parents and children. The workshop will be given by an acrobat and musician of the performance and take place after the performance. Maximum of 25 children plus 25 adults. Duration: 30 minutes.