For children in the age of 1+ years

In Twirl, five musicians will join you on a musical merry-go-round: dazzling sounds will lift you up and spin you around. Within our cozy circle an elegant waltz passes you by, delicate melodies flow back and forth and the musicians transform themselves into a buzzing humming top or a squeaky revolving door… Twirl is an upbeat show full of vibrant sounds and movements: a musical ode to whirling!

Twirl is a heartwarming musical theater production without spoken text, in which the power of music and the narrative skill of movement takes centre stage.

A co-production of Wervelwind Ensemble and Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

Directed by Ide van Heiningen and Virág Deszö (MAPA en Whoosh!) and music by Toek Numan (Calefax, De Zingende Harp, Nationale Opera, het Noord Nederlands Orkest).

Marieke Franssen – piccolo/flute
Douwe van der Meulen – oboe
Stefanie Liedtke – bassoon/recorder
Anneke Wensink – french horn
Rudi van Hest – clarinet

Information on Twirl
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